Our mission

Recycle | Reuse | Repurpose

To inspire the start of sustainable living for desi communities around the world by connecting people to preloved clothing.

Desi Thrift

Desi Thrift is a one-of-a-kind online marketplace where you can easily buy, sell or rent used ethnic wear and accessories from a variety of individuals. On our unique site, you can easily browse and search for something specific, or post your preloved clothing for sale or rent. We offer different account types to appeal to every type of user and hope to help pave the way to a sustainable lifestyle. We are the host and facilitator for all your sales and aim to encourage you to not only buy secondhand, but to make some extra cash on the side!

Desi Thrift

Our Journey

What started off as a passion project during the peak of the pandemic has now turned into a large community and marketplace for individuals around the world. Our shared passion for ethnic wear combined with our closets and suitcases filled with clothing that, let’s be real, has only been worn once, twice at most, bring us together. Although we are at the start of this journey, we are so grateful for all your support and hope you keep vitalizing our efforts in making this site useful and beneficial. Feel free to send us feedback, ideas and changes you would like to see!